Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scopes

Razor HD

The definition of what a high-end, long-range, laser rangefinder should be, the Razor HD 4000 delivers cutting-edge optical and ranging performance - giving hunters and shooters distance data needed to execute even the most demanding shots. Impressive 4,000-yard reflective ranging capability (ELR mode) reaches way out to grab range readings with extreme precision.

Viper HD

A high-end spotter, without the high-end price tag, the Viper HD Spotting Scope series stands poised to dominate as a best-in-class-optic. Packed with features and incredible optical performance hunters and shooters are sure to appreciate, these spotters bring far off subjects in for a closer look – and do so with impressive clarity, resolution and color fidelity.

Diamondback HD

The redesigned Diamondback HD spotting scopes have all the optical horsepower the western hunter needs, and they excel in low light. We’ve also streamlined the exterior for a sleeker profile, building in a helical focus wheel.


An eyepiece used in conjunction with your spotting scope makes range work, calling shots and spotter and shooter communication seamless.


Slip your spotting scope into a protective case.

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